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Engineered with Daikin’s vapor injection compressor for greater heating performance at lower ambient temperatures.

  • VRV with Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT)
  • High heating capacity up to 100% of nominal at 0°F (-18°C), up to 85% of nominal at -13°F (-25°C), and up to 60% of nominal at -22°F (-30°C)
  • Engineered with Daikin vapor injection compressor for optimized part load efficiencies
  • Capacity range from 6 to 20 tons
  • 575V / 3ph / 60Hz (RELQ_TAYCU)
Unit of Measure

Model Type

N/A Heat Recovery

Fan Type

N/A Propellor Fan

Heat Exchanger Type

N/A Cross Fin Coil


N/A Ivory White (5Y7.5/1)


N/A 575 V


N/A 3

Cooling Capacity

N/A 96000 Btu/h

Heating Capacity

N/A 108000 Btu/h31.7 kW

Compressor Type

N/A Hermetically Sealed Scroll

Compressor Displacement

N/A 17.7 m³/h

Fan Air Flow Rate

N/A 7989 ft³/min226 m³/min

Safety Devices

N/A High Pressure Switch, Fan Driver Overload Protector, Overcurrent Fuse, Inverter Overload Protector, Leak Detecting Device


N/A 360 kg793 lb


N/A 66-11/16 in1694 mm


N/A 48-7/8 in1242 mm


N/A 30-3/16 in767 mm

Pipe Connections - Liquid

N/A 3/8 in9.5 mm

Pipe Connections - Suction Gas Pipe

N/A 7/8 in22.2 mm

Pipe Connections - High/Low Pressure Gas

N/A 3/4 in19.1 mm

Maximal Pipe Length (Total)

N/A 1640 ft

Maximal Pipe Length (Vertical)

N/A 295 ft

System Performance EER Non-Ducted

N/A 15.30

System Performance EER Ducted

N/A 12.50

System Performance Heating COP Non-Ducted

N/A 4.3

System Performance Heating COP Ducted

N/A 3.5

System Performance Heating COP 17F Non-Ducted

N/A 2.5

System Performance Heating COP 17F Ducted

N/A 2.3

System Performance IEER Non-Ducted

N/A 24.8

System Performance IEER Ducted

N/A 19.1

System Performance SCHE Non-Ducted

N/A 25.70

System Performance SCHE Ducted

N/A 19.70


  • First air cooled VRV system to deliver heating down to -22°F (-30°C) as a standard
  • 575V inverter based on Daikin's patented vapor injection compressor delivers high heating capacity up to 100% at 0°F (-18°C), up to 85% at -13°F (-25°C) and up to 60% at -22°F (-30°C)
  • Efficient and stable inverter board operation that is independent of ambient conditions
  • Ability for Auto changeover to back-up (auxiliary) heat
  • Year round comfort and energy efficiency delivered by combining VRV and VRT technologies
  • Available in 6, 8, 10 ton single modules and 12, 16, 20 ton multi-module systems
  • Compatible with the VRV-IV T-series Branch Selector Boxes
  • Seamless connection to all VRV M, P and T series indoor units
  • Factory standard coil guards
  • Assembled in the US to increase flexibility and reduce lead times
  • Standard Limited Warranty: 10-year limited parts warranty


  • Refrigerant cooled inverted technology allows installation without additional drain pan heater
  • Designed and optimized for Total Cost of Construction (TCC) and reduced Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Can operate up to 41 indoor units on a single piping network
  • Modular and lightweight - enables flexibility in system layout and installation
  • Engineered with 575V inverter based Daikin vapor injection compressor to delivery optimized part load efficiency
  • Heat exchanger coil wraps around on all 4 sides of the unit to increase the surface area / efficiency
  • Continuous heating during defrost and oil return allows constant comfort control
  • Corrosion resistance 1000hr salt spray tested Daikin PE blue fin heat exchanger
  • Design for installation flexibility of piping lengths up to 1,640 ft. total and 98 ft. vertical separation between indoor units
  • Digital display on the unit for improved and faster configuration, commissioning, and trouble shooting

Cooling Capacity Note

N/A Indoor temp.: 80°FDB (26.7°CDB), 67°FWB (19.4°CWB) / Outdoor temp.: 95°FDB (35.0°CDB) / Equivalent piping length: 25 ft. (7.6 m), level difference: 0 ft. (0 m).

Heating Capacity Note

N/A Indoor temp.: 70°FDB (21.1°CDB) / Outdoor temp.: 47°FDB (8.3°CDB), 43°FWB (6.1°CWB) / Equivalent piping length: 25 ft. (7.6 m), level difference: 0 ft. (0 m)

Sound Note

N/A Anechoic chamber conversion value, measure under ISO standard conditions. During actual operation, these values are normally somewhat higher as a result of ambient, conditions.

Your access to and use of the Daikin web site is subject to the Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.