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Floor standing unit

The ideal way to save space, the FXLQ units can easily be installed along a perimeter wall. The air distribution from these models will allow you to find the right balance for classrooms, churches, office hallways or similar spaces.

  • Capacity range from 7.5 MBH to 24 MBH
  • Spave saving design, less than 9" deep
  • Ideal for installation beneath a window

VRV Indoor Units - FXLQ Series
Unit of Measure

Model Number

Cooling Capacity

Heating Capacity


FXLQ07MVJU9 N/A 7500 Btu/h N/A 8500 Btu/h2.5 kW N/A 58 lb26 kg
FXLQ09MVJU9 N/A 9500 Btu/h N/A 10500 Btu/h3.1 kW N/A 58 lb26 kg
FXLQ12MVJU9 N/A 12000 Btu/h N/A 13500 Btu/h4.0 kW N/A 66 lb30 kg
FXLQ18MVJU9 N/A 18000 Btu/h N/A 20000 Btu/h5.9 kW N/A 80 lb36 kg
FXLQ24MVJU9 N/A 24000 Btu/h N/A 27000 Btu/h7.9 kW N/A 80 lb36 kg
Unit of Measure