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Unit of Measure


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 208-230 V

Cooling Capacity

N/A 36000 Btu/h

Airflow Rate (H)

N/A 74.0/66.6 m³/min2613/2351 ft³/min

Airflow Rate (M)

N/A 69.1/62.6 m³/min2440/2210 ft³/min

Airflow Rate (L)

N/A 59.3/31.7 m³/min1727/1119 ft³/min

Maximum Air Flow - Heating

N/A 2351 ft³/min

Maximum Air Flow - Cooling

N/A 2613 ft³/min

Minimum Air Flow - Cooling

N/A 1119 ft³/min

Minimum Air Flow - Heating

N/A 1119 ft³/min

Compressor Type

N/A Hermetically Sealed Swing Type

Compressor Model


Compressor Motor Output

N/A 1920 W

Refrigerant Oil Type


Refrigerant Oil Charge

N/A 0.85 L

Refrigerant Type

N/A R-410A

Refrigerant Charge

N/A 6.17 lb2.8 kg

Fan Type

N/A Propeller

Fan Motor Output

N/A 75 W

Fan Running Current (H)

N/A 0.52/0.40/0.27 / 0.38/0.32/0.06 A

Fan Power Consumption (H)

N/A 116/90/61 / 85/72/14 W

Sound Pressure Level (H) - Cooling

N/A 54 dBA

Sound Pressure Level (H) - Heating

N/A 56 dBA

Heating Capacity

N/A 36000 Btu/h

Max/Min Cooling Capacity

N/A 38000 Btu/h

Max/Min Heating Capacity

N/A 43000 Btu/h

Rated Cooling Conditions

N/A Ambient (°F DB/WB): 95 / 75 Indoor (°F DB/WB): 80 / 67

Rated Heating Conditions

N/A Ambient (°F DB/WB): 47 / 43 Indoor (°F DB/WB): 70 / 60

Power Supply

N/A 208-230 V/ 60 Hz / 1 Phase

Heat Insulation

N/A Both Liquid and Gas Pipes

Starting Current

N/A 17.5 A

Amount of Additional Charge of Refrigerant

N/A 0.21 oz/ft20 g/m

No. of Wiring Connections

N/A 3 for Power Supply, 4 for Interunit Wiring


N/A 139 lb63 kg


N/A 12-5/8 in320 mm


N/A 34-1/4 in870 mm


N/A 28-15/16 in735 mm

Packaged Depth

N/A 17-1/2 in444 mm

Packaged Width

N/A 41-9/16 in1056 mm

Packaged Height

N/A 31-7/8 in810 mm

Rated Piping Length

N/A 25 ft

Rated Height Difference

N/A 49.00 ft

Max. Interunit Height Difference

N/A 24-5/8 ft49-1/4 ft7.5 m15 m

Max. Interunit Piping Length

N/A 70 ft230 ft25 m82 m

Pipe Connections - Liquid

N/A 1/4 x 4 in

Pipe Connections - Gas

N/A 0 in9.5 x 1, 12.7 x 2, 15.9 x 1 mm

Pipe Connections - Drain

N/A 5/8 in17.5 mm

System Performance EER Non-Ducted

N/A 9.20 Btu/h·W

System Performance EER Ducted

N/A 7.90 Btu/h·W

System Performance SEER Non-Ducted

N/A 17.70

System Performance SEER Ducted

N/A 14.00

System Performance HSPF Non-Ducted

N/A 12.2

System Performance HSPF Ducted

N/A 8.2

System Performance COP Non-Ducted

N/A 4.5

System Performance COP Ducted

N/A 3.5


  • Up to 18.9 SEER / Up to 12.7 EER / Up to 12.5 HSPF
  • High-efficiency inverter driven swing compressor
  • Low ambient heating to 5°F / -4°F with optional drain pan heater
  • Specialized drain pan design for improved cold climate drainage


  • 12 Year limited parts warranty with online registration
  • 5 Year limited parts warranty for commercial applications
  • High efficiency cooling and heating operation provides utility bill savings
  • Multiple indoor unit style options: wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette, slim duct
  • May qualify for regional utility rebates and incentives
  • Compatible with optional Daikin ENVi Wi-Fi capable Smart Control

Your access to and use of the Daikin web site is subject to the Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.